Alcohol as the last resort

"My brother is an alcohol addict. 4 years ago we lost our parents. Since then he has been consuming alcohol. It’s fine to have it in smaller amounts but he boozes whenever he gets time, sometimes all day through. I know that he is struggling in his job, added to that his girlfriend also cheated on him and dumped him. Now alcohol has become the last resort for him, be it a small misunderstanding between me and him or his friends, or a major problem in his office. Passing away of our parents did affect him on a larger scale because he was really attached to them. Since then he has not been normal. He used to be such a vibrant, full of joy, brilliant guy. I did enroll him in a de-addiction center but was of no use as he left from there within a week. Even the support group wasn’t successful in bringing him back to normal life. I’m afraid he is going to lose his job as well, he has already spoiled his social life. I researched on the internet and found something known as neurofeedback. Heard it's having successful results. I’m currently searching for neurofeedback training centers in Toronto. Does anyone know of any such centers? I somehow have to bring my brother back to normal life.


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