Can Adderall be abused?

I've noticed that one of my close friends has been upping his Adderall prescription, to the point where he's on it all day and basically gets a high from it. He's impossible to talk to lately because of his mood swings and the way he reacts if I even try to tell him that taking these pills multiple times a day is bad. I don't know how else to talk to him about his problem. It's getting worse and worse.


  • I had a friend like that. I felt she was always popping those. Do you have anyone in his family that you can talk to about it?

  • Adderall is of of those scary ones out there because it seems so harmless and you always hear about benefits. I've never tried it but damn I get why people are parachuting 50 mg at a time.

  • Adderall was rampant in my university lol i even had a lot of friends in med school popping them like candy. it definitely fucks with your mood levels, i've witnessed my roommate crashing after a long addy binge (she used it for studying so she would stock up for finals week) and she was a POS to hang out with lol. whats hard is when they get a scrip for it and then try to convince you that they really have ADHD when you know for a fact theyre bullshitting you

  • adderall is most definitely not harmless, it's easy to abuse and ive had friends compare it to cocaine. i have some friends who did it recreationally (like for parties) and others who use it for studying or work. It is ironic because i always felt like the people who do it for "studying" were always deeper into their addiction because in their mind they justify their binges as being productive when in reality... they're just totally addicted lol

  • You should encourage your friend to get help ASAP. Signs of too much Adderall abuse are like developing crazy anxiety and accelerated heartrate etc, not good

  • I was just doing some adderall searches and the hardest thing to find about it are the side effects and damage and every other drug is exactly the opposite

  • Absolutely yes, adderrall is addicting... It is one chemical away from methamphetamine... Its best (my drs orders anyway), to take a break from them, every now and then. They dont work like they should, after a tolerence is built... Im 51, and take one in the morning, and one at noon....and dont take them on the weekends. If it wasnt for this be a wreck!

  • cora do you have any withdrawals on the weekends? is there a reason your doctor says none for the weekends? just curious lol

  • Is adderall even for long term use? I can't seem to find the answer to that anywhere

  • Yeah it's crazy how much adderrall usage is around here..especially at college etc. most people use it these days. But for my friend it's like an every day thing, he can't function without it. @NClarke2017 I agree! It's the mindset that people justify their adderall addiction as something that's okay since they're "productive" when they take it. My friend takes it for yeah, studying and stuff but mostly just to have that "high" and once he comes down he's like a completely different person. IDK, I'll have to try and talk to him about it. It's crazy cause most people think it's harmless, but it's not.

  • A suggestion from me would be if you choose to talk to him, try and stay focused on the positive instead of the negative. If you approach him and talk about how his attitude has changed, and how YOU feel it's getting out of control, from my experience, that's not going to work because he will think you are talking down on him or trying to make him feel worse by bringing what hes doing to himself and others to the light. Try to communicate with him on why he feels he needs them. What are the benefits of him taking such a high amount? If for some reason he begins to verbally attack you, then you just need to step back from the convo and let what you've already said to him sink in. I always use the serenity prayer. Unfortunately you cannot change anyone, you can only change yourself and show others in the program that it really works if you give it your all.

  • Thank you for your insight @Lounge414 I'm gonna try and talk to him about it again. Hopefully this works, it's just hard when someone doesn't realize how much they change as a person when they are using, hopefully he can try to see at least where I'm coming from because I care about him as a person and want him to get better.

  • I agree about the advice on trying to talk to him about the positive and not the negative - keep it on how his usage makes you feel instead of attacking him - I feel like otherwise usually the substance abuser becomes very defensive if they feel like they are being judged or attacked

  • Adderall TOTALLY fucks with your mood and personality. What goes up must come down, same with any drug, there's a crash involved, and usually you end up bitchier and nastier lol

  • Like I totally get using it for ADHD and stuff but many times, students just pretend to have ADHD for the prescription and then they end up abusing it, it's all BS and makes it harder for people who DO have ADHD to get the meds they need

  • Totally agree. It's so easy for anyone to get the hook up for Adderall, let alone become addicted.

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