Not Sure How To React

I got questions about heroin and I really don't know how to respond. Can anybody help with advice on this one?

"about two weeks ago my girlfriend has told me that she had relapsed on heroin. (due to current circumstances we arent living in the same country - she is in aus.) i knew going into our relationship she had a past history but it had never occured to me that she might one day relapse. after i had found out about this, i knew i still wanted to be as supportive as i could be- but not really much i can do from here (USA). she went into a detox program for a week and has been getting her affairs in order to enter a 60 treatment program. i am over the moon that she wants to try recovery again,but never having/knowing anybody who has dealt with addictions before has been throwing me a loop. i want to be there for her and support her,but i feel like she is pulling away from me and not wanting me to be apart of this, or stay together. i dont want to push her to the point where she cuts me off completly, but i want her to know that i will wait and be there once her rehab is completed (have told her this) so what im asking for is any type of advice from anybody about how to handle said situtation, thank you in advance, as well as a big congratulations to all of you,no matter how long you have been clean."

Any response is appreciated very much! Thanks A Lot in advance <3


  • Is this a question your friend asked you?

    I would tell him given the distance he is already doing all he can so she knows he is supportive. However there is not much he can do if she pulls away because it's a long distance relationship. She may be harboring feelings of guilt for her relapse and need some time on her own to focus on her treatment and detox program. I would make it clear that upon her graduation from rehab she would be welcomed back with open arms and help her find a local support group that can influence her to not relapse again. Another good idea is pinpoint why she relapsed. Was there something that triggered it or fall into a bad crowd? After identifying the reason she relapsed, she can proactively try to avoid falling into the same pattern.

  • best you can do is support her and keep open lines of communication but ultimately she needs to go through treatment on her own and you cant fight her battles. do you know how long her program will last, maybe you can plan a trip to see her once it's over so she has something to look forward to

  • Thanks for that honesty! Heroin seems so scary to me and I overreact to everything. I'm not sure if that's a stigma that was implanted in my brain or not.

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