I'm a addict


  • I am an addict too. what exactly are you needing help with. im a recovering addict and am here if u need to talk.
  • I am 46 year old female in the last five tears I have lost my dad almost my life to colon complications four hernia operation our home catching fire had to live in hotel I have had a Lot happening I'm over weight I'm no longer beautiful the way I was when I married my husband 17 years ago I don't sleep no energy I can't work husband is retired he is 65 I keep on wanting crack every time we get money in pocket and my husband ok while doing it but ne,t day all we do is fight just verbal abuse he always blames me his health is going downhill I do not want to lose him to my addiction or to death please help me I have minus 20 percent self esteem I am fat ugly depressed all time no energy at all I'm disgusted I can5 get into a rehab cause can't get health insurance cause husband is retired on social security they say he makes to much money so won't give me insurance so can't get my health on track can't get back on my mental meds pleasee helppp
  • Ok, first. Breathe! You can tackle these things. Let's start one at a time. Can you look into a financing payment plan? A lot of rehabs can help you so that payments are made in manageable amounts. There are also free 24/8 hotlines who can talk to you. Whatever you do, do not spend at more money on crack!! That money can be better used towards food, home expenses, rehab, etc.

  • I don't know where you live but see if your state has a drug helpline. I live in NJ and I know that they offer grants to addicts that want help. Addiction is a disease like diabetes or cancer. Praying for you!
  • Get to a detox or rehab center. They know exactly the steps to take to cure you

  • That is a lot to handle! Pat yourself on the back for making it this far! That right there should be a self-esteem boost. Check out all you've managed to overcome. Addiction is not an easy fight and really not one that you should go at alone. There are free or low cost options available in every state. Start looking! Meetings are free. Go to meetings! Make friends with like minded people who are focused on recovery. My bet is that once you get clean your confidence is going to soar, weight will fall off, etc. Hold your head high. You're doing great!

  • Hope everything is going well with you.

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