How we can recover from Alcohol Abuse ?

Kindly give out your suggestion on the recovery from alcoholic abuse and let everyone know about your views.


  • Hi sherripatt !!! I must say you must approach to any rehab center near you. I am sure it is also good for you to join Alcoholics Anonymous course, if it is available to you. One more thing, if you are somewhere around in New York then for you reference I am here to share a couple of links with the hope that it may help you. My best wishes are with you!!! :) o:)

    Alcoholics Anonymous:

    Good luck !!!!!

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Alexandra.

    Currently, I am living in Long Beach, California and an I am looking for the best alcohol treatment center.

    Following are the list of most well-known alcohol treatment centers.

    • Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc.

    • Roots Through Recovery Long Beach, CA

    • Rehabilitation Center in Long Beach, CA

    • Remedy Detox Centers

    • Long Beach Detox Centers

    Can you please guide me which one is out of all?

  • Recovering from a drug addiction can be an extremely challenging task.
    The fact is, the treatment of addiction is much more than simply quitting the drug. It is important to treat underlying psychological reasons of addiction to ensure a recovery that would last. This is why most of the patients who try to get sober on their own end up relapsing.Recovery can be a painful process but it is important to go through it. In case of home treatment, most of the patients relapse because they are not able to endure the painful withdrawal symptoms.

  • All you need is the will power and mental support. Currently, I'm living in Arizona and I found some of the best treatment center.
    * The Hope House (AZ)
    * Arizona Addiction Recovery Center
    * Renaissance Recovery Center
    * Scottsdale Recovery Center

    These are the some I ranked on the basis of my information.

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