Grandson is using spice

Am a grandmother to a grandson who has been abusing drugs since he came to live with my husband & me at 16 he is now 24


  • We are becoming weary watching his downward spiral for 8 long years now

  • It is important not to enable your grandson's behavior. Do you find yourself giving him money or making excuses for his behavior? He has grown up as an adult knowing that you can provide for him and allow him to sustain his downward spiral. Start by setting ground rules for him to live under your roof. Tough love can be hard to dole out but necessary for his recovery.

  • Spice is a seriously scary drug I recommend you look for help for him soon. There can be a lot of random sh*it mixed into spice.

  • Spice is just about the worst!!!! You never know what you're going to get and you do eventually end up taking everything

  • 8 years of enablement means he will likely resist any attempts for you to control his behavior. I agree with the other poster about tough love is necessary. Perhaps you can look into hiring an interventionist, they are very professional and trained, it can be very beneficial to have a neutral 3rd party help mediate. Just a suggestion. Best of luck to your family.

  • I do agree with that so much! You need help from an interventionist

  • Yes, they are really trained to handle even the most awkward situations. I have a nephew who was really resistant to seeking treatment. Unfortunately my cousin (his dad) wanted to cut costs and tried to hold an intervention himself. What ended up happening was my nephew felt cornered, attacked, and immediately got on the defensive, he was blasting my cousin for making a big deal out of nothing, felt like he was being manipulated. I guarantee you that things could have gone over more smoothly with them if they had tried to get a NEUTRAL 3rd party mediator interventionist. My nephew isn't a bad kid by all means but because he has such a colored history already with his dad, it just brought a lot of family issues to light and the whole meeting wasn't as productive as it could have been because they kept getting off topic and arguing. Not saying all interventionists are perfect (you have to do your research before hiring one) but that the substance abuser is, more often than not, going to be on the defense if they feel like the family has ganged up on them.

  • Agree with above comments. It's important that you do not enable him. Spice is a really scary drug because people think since its not illegal, it's safe. That couldn't be further from the truth. Spice can cause serious and long lasting mental issues. Does he not think he has a problem? Or he just does not want to get help? If he is refusing help there isn't much you can do except control your own behavior. It's important that you do not enable him. Set ground rules for your home and stick to them. You may also want to consider an intervention. They are very effective! Good luck to you! <3

  • Yes I know people who are addicted to substances that don't even touch spice, it is a hell of a drug and can cause psychosis. Scary shit.

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