I'm an addict, who was raised by addicts

As long as I can remember drugs and alcohol were a part of my life. Both of my parents are alcoholics and in the past were also cocaine users. Growing up in a home like this made it very easy for me to become an addict myself. I took my first drink around 13 years old and quickly got into drugs after that. Starting with marijuana and escalating into a pretty heavy cocaine and extasy addiction. There was a time in life where I couldn't get out of bed without an upper to get me going. While I'm happy to say that I have stayed away from the heavier drugs for almost 10 years, I still am an occasional drinker and marijuana user. I like to think I have my addictions under control, because I'm not nearly as bad off as I once was. No, I'm not 100% clean and I have come to terms with the fact that I probably never will be. When your raised in a home where alcohol and drugs are glorified, it's almost impossible to not become a product of your environment.
However, while I live my life in an overall more healthy manner, I still deal with parents who drink heavily on a daily basis. I don't live with them so it makes it easier, but I do still plan my outings and even phone calls around how drunk my parents may be at the time. Do I blame my parents for my addictions? No, I'm a grown adult now that knows what's right for me and what's not. However, I can't help but think, had my parents not been addicts my whole life, would I have had a better chance at a clean and sober life?


  • It is pretty remarkable that you were able to fight off your addiction but still partake in moderation. Unfortunately many people have to go 100% clean because of the temptation to go on binges, etc. No one can say for sure that you would have been clean and sober if you were raised differently, because I know a handful of people who had amazing support groups and a close-knite family, but still succumbed or even died from drug abuse. I will say that, despite the circumstances you were raised in, you seem to have grown up with a pretty good head on your shoulders, so kudos to you. I think a lot of people fall into a pattern of helplessness when they use their parents as an excuse for their own current character flaws or bad behavior. They lose accountability because for every negative trait they have, they use their parents as a scapegoat. I don't think you are doing that and seem very self-aware, so thanks for sharing your story!

  • Thank you- I've definitely become a much stronger person than I once was, I found things like my career and health and fitness to keep my focus on things better than drugs and alcohol. I'm blessed to have been able to do that. I also know all too well from other family members and friends what happens when you can't control your addictions. I consider myself one of the lucky ones and I try to use my past as fuel to the fire to keep me on the right path. I made a decision to not become my parents and also to not blame them for my adult decisions. After all, they're just addicts trying to do what works for them as well. Thank you for your comment.
  • By you taking responsibility for your own choices shows a lot of the type of person you are. I'm sure living under those conditions made things very difficult. The big picture is you got yourself out of that lifestyle. In my opinion if you occasionally drink and smoke pot that is better than snorting lines. Like @NClarke2017 said you don't know what could of happened if your parents were different. We tend to think about the what ifs a lot. You just need to keeping thinking about the today and how far you've come. Congrats!

  • I just focus on trying to do better for my kids. I want them to have better than I had which I thought would be easy but my mom actually did a lot better for us than I give her credit for.

  • Thank you as well @Blazer6279. It's safe to say it hasn't always been easy, but I do it because my life is important to me. The new life I've built for myself means more to me than anything.
  • A lot of good advice has been said already. I'd like to add that whenever I catch myself thinking about what-ifs or feeling resentful about things I can't change, I try to immediately stop and just focus on my present and future. Life is too short to be bitter about things that you can't change!

  • @Chris That's a great way to think. I don't have children and may never, but if the time ever came- I would feel the same.
  • @Ari_Z_1993 - you've got that right. I try so hard to never think of the what-ifs but sometimes it sneaks into my head.
  • I totally feel the same way! They say "comparison is the thief of joy" and it's true. When I get resentful about my friends who grew up with a stable family unit (eating together for dinners, family weekend vacations, super NORMAL family activities) I honestly feel jealous and bitter. But I need to count my blessings and you literally cannot change the past so it's a waste of my time and energy to mope around!

  • @RebeccaDF Looks like you came a long way with having parents who were addicts. You might of gotten wrapped up into it when you were younger but you found your way out. It's hard to deal with when the ones who are supposed to set an example are the ones using drugs. Are your parents still drug addicts? Glad to hear that you found sobriety from those hard drugs. :)

  • Oh wow you just read my life lol so crazy.... All cept I don't use marijuana and I've only drank 5 times in 4 years:)yayy but anyhow great story I'm working on trying to get sober too good luck!
  • @krz88 that's a never ending job staying sober

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