I need help even though I've been sober for a few weeks that's only because I haven't got the money for it. Someone talk to me so I can explain more clearly.


  • Hi Christian. So what's going on?

  • Let's talk! We are all here for you.

  • Hi friend. What's going on?

  • Whatever you do, do not buy more!

  • What's going on? Yea I agree with @NClarke2017

  • Well I used to do coke like a few times a few years ago didn't think anything else of it but I knew liked the feeling. then when I was at my old job a few months ago and curiously asked someone who was getting weed for me if they new where I could get some coke they told me they could get it for me. So my curiosity intisifted. And I bought a little bit to see if I would like it like I did before and I've been on it ever since. It had me stealing money from my job and even family members. And doing things I never thought I would do. And stress doesn't help at all,but it's mainly that great intense feeling that gets me every time. I've stopped stealing and stuff to get it and haven't been on it but still needing it bad. And my mom gets some money next week and is going to give me $200 and I really do not want to spend it all on coke. Please help me this is too sad and embarrassing I shouldn't be doing this I feel like I don't even know who I am anymore,in just a few months I went from normal to idk anymore...
  • Hey friend. I read your story. If you think you are too tempted to use your mom's money for more drugs is there someone you trust who can help you hold onto it? Like literally stop you from being able to blow it off on coke IF you do think you will succumb to the temptation to use. You know yourself best.

  • You want to be better than before. I believe you have the ability to change your habits. You've already gone over the initial detox so do not undermine your own progress!!! You have done amazingly so far!!!!! Keep it up!

  • Have you looked into going to meetings? I think finding yourself a sponsor to check in with will help you. Why do you feel like you need it?

  • @trixiebeth We are here. Would you like to share what's going on with you? You can make a new thread as well if you like.

  • @Christian You there? How have you been?

  • No m.Reynolds i don't unfortunately,but she didn't get the money anyway thank God, Ari_Z_93 thank you as well buddy,and thank you as well blazer,and I feel I need it because literally if I have $10 or more coke is the first thing that comes to mind literally, I even begged the guy I get it from for fronts and almost drove him to stop messing with me, I truly do really need some help, I just feel like I'm missing out without,empty... I want my own life back now.
  • Honestly if you DO drive him away from ever selling to you again that might be a good thing honestly!!

  • glad you did not spend your mom's money or get the chance to...

  • @Christian I think you should look into treatment programs. Does your family know about this addiction? Do you have anyone you can talk to about it?

  • This is me !!! Every fucking night I’m so sick of it I’m actually sick of life right now
  • I can totally relate to this post

    I finally decided to check into rehab after hitting rock bottom and burning many bridgea between friends and family on April 8th and left june 10th.
    By the way I been abusing crack since 2014.

    Well truth be told all the coping mechanisms i was taught in rehab have seemed to fly off the window. Yesterday after church i went to a dealer's and smoked half a gram & then some.
    I couldnt control myself
    I lost all will power to not go & use

    I'm scared its gonna continue if i keep having access to my funds

    Someone please talk to me
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