Kratom vs. Suboxone for Heroin detox?

Has anyone ever heard of using instead of Kratom to get off of Heroin instead of Suboxone? I heard a bunch of people talking about it on Facebook but I thought the FDA was taking it off the shelves. Can you even still get it? Where?



  • I heard there was a salmonella outbreak because of it. Not sure how true that is or what they discovered.

  • I've heard of people kicking a lot of things with Kratom actually! People will turn to fitness and then use kratom to stay motivated there and when they have other urges. There's way too many strains and versions to study with that stuff it's as crazy as marijuana now.

  • Funny you mention kratom... The American Kratom Association just released a statement about an hour ago about trying to organize a rally... check it out

    Did anyone see this???

  • I just read that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now trying to halt kratom because of the salmonella outbreak, it's still legal in some states, but illegal in others like Indiana, Tennessee, Wisconsin etc. The CDC still hasn't figured out which brands of kratom might be getting people sick, either way people are still buying the stuff regardless of what they've heard in the news.

  • That's a good press release! They want to just criminalize everything nowadays and it's always the ones who preach about freedom :/

  • Are treatment centers using it though? They can't be if the FDA doesn't approve it. Is it just the Kratom people pushing their agenda? Or, do treatment people actually support it?

  • I don't see any treatment centers promoting it?? It's hard to tell though, seems to be a big thing in Canada

  • I found this post! They neglect to say if the deaths are attributed to other drugs in the system with it just that its linked

  • Salmonella? I didn't know that was possible if it wasn't meat

  • Like I can see both sides why people would think pushing another type of drug as a replacement for a "harder" drug can be problematic in the sense that.. you end up being addicted to something else but.. The way I see it, it's still an improvement on the addicted's lives.. it makes it more manageable. Yeah being dependent on something else isn't ideal but then again, NONE of this is ideal. And I think I'd rather have a less than ideal situation than the alternative - more deaths, more lives ruined from opioids. More people thinking they have no control over their addiction.

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    I was watching a show on CNN about the future of medicine and they can already see the shape of patterns in your brain to identify you as an addict, in 20 years they'll be able to reshape those

  • WTF never heard of that!! wow

  • Didn't know that either, that's pretty cool. Hopefully that kind of technology comes sooner rather than later.

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    Here is a study about new stem cell research that decreased alcoholism in rats

    (how they induced alcoholism in rats I am very stumped about)

  • Damn rats are always at the bar getting slammed!

  • Had a friend that used it for back pain but he became addicted to the Krantom

  • What happened to your friend? How is he doing now?

  • Wow you can't fight the law, I didn't know they could just do that to a company

  • Kratom in MS is still being sold yet in drug court is classified as a class 2 felony & can test for it now. It is addictive substance & is now seeing negative effects such as the salmonella poisoning & we will soon see many other negative effects that have not been known. If you have been addicted to a substance, heroine or anything else, switching from one substance to another won’t solve the problem. I’m in recovery & work in A&D in-patient facility. Anything “new” is risky. And we don’t use in treatment centers.
  • My loved one fell into this LIE THAT KRATOM IS FINE FOR ADDICTS & VETERANS....ummm not for him. What started out as 3 doses a day is now a $800 a month habbit that if he doesn't dose every few hours begins withdrawals. He has pulled all the addict behaviors as well to hide the fact he is using SO MUCH... Not to mention how moody & aggressive he is. The 1 time he went 18 hours without dosing he was in full blown DTs with all the symptoms of heroine withdrawals. We talked to his doctor at the VA about it & he blew us off saying it was like cutting your grass & putting it in a capsule, that it has no effect what so ever. This gave my loved one the idea that I am being outrageous with my concerns & fears. KRATOM BEING A SAFE ALTERNATIVE IS A LIE...
    My loved one is a former heroine addict, meth addict & alcoholic. I am in recovery with 2&1/2 years clean still active in Celebrate Recovery so I am looking at this with compassion & love not a judgemental view point
    ●I firmly believe some addicts need to be medicated with antidepressants & antianxiety WHILE WORKING THE 12 STEPS TO GET DELIVERED FROM THE HURTS THAT CAUSE THEM TO USE & ESCAPE..... it is impossible to stay sober & have peace & joy without dealing with our past.
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    Yeah seriously is it worth the risk! How can you asses a person and how they'll react to adding ANOTHER new drug to their system? I've seen a lot of people saying it really helped them though and quoting being clean for 5 years+ !?!?!?! This one is so confusing @RecoveryWorks

  • Beware kratom is highly addictive and I don’t think it’s safe long term, I’m still struggling to get off it, I spend like 150-200$ a week because I’m 100% physically and mentally dependent on this, without it I go into withdrawals and they suck!
  • @eric.mestre how long have you been taking it?

  • A lot of misinformed people on this subject. I first started taking kratom to get off subs it worked and worked great. There are side effects to everything we take whether coffee smokes drugs whatever. I take kratom every day a few t.f times a day I have never experienced detox symptoms like I have with dope and subs I have never spent 800.00 a month on it. People buy from smoke shops that can't be trusted. There are vendors out there that will direct u in the right direction just tired of hearing all these false claims about kratom it works I've never gotten salmonella poisoning from it please people do your research before making false claims about this topic
  • glad to see that @hobbsman78 !!! It's looking like the politicians want to make it illegal, who knows???

  • Wow, a lot of different stories here. I am confused though, aren't you supposed to taper off kratom gradually if you have been using it? And if that is the case then yeah wouldn't there be withdrawal symptoms? Otherwise why would people recommend tapering off of them? Would love to hear from those of you who have firsthand experience with it as I definitely don't think I understand it that well. All I know is that it is that it's a pretty divisive issue

  • Yea @m.Reynolds I thought you were supposed to taper off of it also. I'm curious.

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