What are your grocery staples from Trader Joe's? Or anywhere else

Last night I went to Trader Joe's and was actually surprised at how affordable their products are. I guess in my mind, I assumed it would be super expensive and take advantage of the hipster too-much-money lifestyle where you go to CorePower yoga and then pay $5 for a granola bar and $12 for a smoothie. (I use to live in LA... everyone went to Whole Foods and I found it ridiculously overpriced. lol) Then I realized Trader Joe's was actually.. quite cheap?!! And like a good chunk of their product selection is actually FAIRLY priced. Like their organic produce was definitely cheaper than Target. And depending on certain months, it's actually cheaper than Costco, which blew my mind!!

What are your grocery staples from TJ's?! Can anyone recommend me fave products??

I bought these blueberry fiber muffins yesterday. 6 muffins for $4.

I also got frozen pork gyoza, which ended up being 700 calories for the ENTIRE bag of potstickers. AMAZING. And it was like $3.

I like their fat-free vanilla meringue cookies. I also got some Meyer Lemon thins. Super yummy!

Does anyone have product recommendations?


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