Fuck drugs

April 5th last year I died. Seriously doing a shot of heroin, then waking up to paramedics around you wondering what happened. That's drugs. I am so lucky to be alive, I was dancing with the devil & he knocked me down. Thank God Joey (my fiance) saved my life, literally I was not breathing, he breathed his breath into my lifeless body giving me CPR, praying to God as he called 911. Thank God for narcan, it saved my life, thankfully those paramedics and police were there. How embarrassing, i continued to do heroin after that, what the hell. July 4th is the last time ever. The devil may have knocked me down, not for long though. We lost the baby and then I was hospitalized for some issues. Then I lost my shit. My baby gone, no family for Joey and I. We turned to drugs. I did whatever thieving I had to do to get the money when i didn't have a job to get my next drug of choice. Fuckin homeless, strung out, lost a lot of weight. Now been arrested 3 times in 2 months and facing a lot of charges. That's what drugs do. Thank God I'm not in a casket. We were codependent on each other so I couldn't get clean for Joey he wasn't my goal. Let me tell you what I was given an angel, my older sister. God gave me her. Because she took not only me but joey into her home. Made it a rehab and was always there. My sister is my rider. She is one of the reasons I'm doing well today. She is there for me. And she keeps it real. God bless her. She is my best friend. I'm clean because of you sis. Thank you. You did that. I told you you would do good things. But seriously fuck drugs, that shot, foil, pipe or whatever you're doing its not worth it. You want your mom, dad, or kids or you other half crying over your casket?? No I didn't think so. Stop put it down, get help, talk to someone. Drugs aint shit. I hope they all die. I pray to God anyone who needs help gets it. It's so fuckin hard. Withdrawals and dopesick it sucks but it ends. It doesn't last forever and life is beautiful with a clean mind. I am so thankful for my second chance. I love God. Thank you Jesus. I don't mean disrespect cussing while thanking God, but I think he would agree. I hate drugs.


  • How long have you been clean for? Are you and joey still together? Thank god for your sister helping you during your time of addiction. I agree though, I hate drugs as well.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. Fuck drugs. Congratulations on being clean. Sometimes we have to get knocked down before we can build ourselves back up. You are not a victim to drugs and your story can inspire someone else to take their life back.

  • FUCK drugs and what it has done to so many families.

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