Kratom while on Suboxone

I have a friend that was using heroin for quite some time. Tried rehab and went to meetings but always seemed to fall back into the drug. I watched his family go through a lot but that never seemed to matter to him. He was arrested and was able to detox while in jail. Once he got out he seemed to stay clean for a bit. Then the next thing we all knew he was back to using. We've had some things take place and now he is taking subs. I feel with that just being another opioid he really isn't getting clean. I've heard of kratom and was wondering if this something he can take while on subs? Hoping that he will stop the subs completely and take kratom only. With it being more of an herbal supplement I'd think it'd be better. Does anyone know if they can be taken together?? I'm just nervous if he stops the subs he will have the withdrawals and then will start using again. Any insight will help! Thank you



  • Hi!! As a former opiate addict myself, then turned to “Suboxone” to get clean. Yeah that didn’t work out. It was actually WORSE.. I use cannabis now, & only cannabis, I heard about kratom & did the research & it’s all herbal. It shouldn’t bother the Subs, but if anxiety is bad, I wouldn’t recommend. I hope everything works out, & prayers are sent to you all. Wouldn’t wish this on anyone.
  • Yea I use cannabis also and tried suggesting that, but the family didn't think that was a good idea. Thank you for your input!

  • Funny this topic keeps coming up there are different strains of kratom that do different things. Reds for pain white and greens for energy I took greens to detox myself off the subs not saying this will work for your friend due to everyone's body reacts different to different things. Also I was a dopefein for 20+ years turned to subs thinking it was a great thing till ok tried to come off and didn't work to well till I found kratom. Didn't take all the detox away but just enough to function and get over those first initial weeks. Hope this helps a little bit
  • It is interesting that your family is not OK with cannabis but looking at kratom to help. @hobbsman78 I had no idea there were diff strains of kratom.

  • Thank you for your input. Are you still taking the kratom??

  • @m.reynolds I tried to explain to his family the medical benefits from it and also how certain states are using it to treat the opioid epidemic but they feel that it is still a "drug".

  • Sadly the stigma from using drugs really affects the path to recovery for many individuals, this is a perfect example..

  • Well he ended up relapsing. The streets got to him and he is now off and running. It's so sad to watch this happen.

  • some people just go until the wheels fall off :neutral:
    The sad thing is a lot of the times they aren't ready until they have nothing left to save but their life and most of the good years of their body are gone

  • Yea that is true. We've been down to the bottom with him multiple times. The drugs won.

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