How is the withdrawal from quitting cocaine cold turkey?

I’ve been dealing with cocaine addiction since January of this year. I had done it in the past but it’s become a regular thing as of January onwards and these days I do it every day. I can’t afford to keep doing this and I’m starting to see the negative effects of what I’ve been doing to myself. I plan to quit cold turkey, not slowly cutting down and instead just full on stopping. How is the withdrawal from coke and how will I be effected + for how long will the effects go on for after I stop?

I haven’t told those around me how often I’ve been doing coke, no one knows the extent of my problem other than my therapist. I’m in a dialectic behavioural therapy (DBT) group and in individual therapy. I haven’t had a chance to talk to other people who struggle with addiction as well though so I decided to join this forum to try to get the opinions of people who have first hand experience with coke abuse/addiction.

I hope someone will reply to this, I’ve never posted on here so I’m hoping for the best by doing so.


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