• Meh. Trading one drug for another

  • Methadone can changes some people’s lives, people respond differently to different types of treatment
  • Yes @blownlobes89 is right! For one person this is a life saver and for another it's just another addiction. I don't know how a doctor would know who is a good candidate or not but it's not just a treatment to blow off. It's like the marijuana thing too which works for some and then tears down the next person.

  • I think marijuana is great for helping one curb addictions to more dangerous substances so I feel the same way towards methadone. I see why a lot of people think it's the easy way out and not really curing the addiction but I think if it's works and helps keep people safe then it's the lesser of two evils

  • I'm about the marijuana way. I'm not knocking people who take methadone or subs but I feel if you can go a more natural way like smoking marijuana then that's better.

  • In my opinion Methadone is worse than heroin! It hooks into your neurotransmitters so much deeper and grabs hold because it's a 24 hour release, instead of the average 6 to 8 hr turn over that heroin has. This causes intense, painful, and longer lasting withdrawals. It kills motivation and makes people walking zombies. I've also had 4 friends die from overdosing on methadone. Don't get me wrong I've heard of a couple instances where it's helped in someone's recovery but honestly it's rare... Have you ever heard of IBOGAINE!? If you want to get clean this is the ultimate tool for getting thru the first tough stages of recovery I had a 15+yr heroin addiction, by the end I was shooting 3 to 5g a day and .5 to 1g of speed to boot. I was literally 4feet under rock bottom and desperate for my life back. I did ibogaine ONCE and have been clean for over 3 years now, with no urges to use opiates again. I detoxed with no pain, no withdrawal, and no cravings afterwards!! This sacred plant medicine saved my life and I now live in service to helping others struggling. Here is some info about it, if you want to know more or want referrals for treatment please reach out. I'm not here to sell you anything, just here to help, No matter what path to recovery you choose.
    Ibogaine works by literally rewiring the brain. It actually affects the brain in a completely unheard of way by resetting the dopamine uptake pathways in the reward and pleasure centers of the brain. There is no other known substance that is actually able to accomplish this with such accuracy. Ibogaine is used as an interruption therapy. This means that Ibogaine induces dream-like visions while the person is still awake. It is reported that the patient experiences a replay of pivotal moments in their life that ultimately contributed to their addiction. They may also be confronted by their fears and negative emotions that are the driving force behind their drug use behavior.
    Just like other medication assisted treatment options, Ibogaine (where used legally) should also be used in conjunction with intensive counseling therapies, both immediate and ongoing, for a better success rate. Ibogaine treatment centers and enthusiasts are confident that Ibogaine may reduce and even eliminate physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin addiction. Furthermore, it’s supposed to help with cravings. In other words, with just ONE application of Ibogaine, it’s supposed to accomplish exactly what Suboxone and Methadone does without the need for ongoing use.
    Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in plants of the Apocynacee family (a family of plants originating in Africa). Ibogaine has been used as a psychedelic for both ritual and medicinal purposes. Studies show that Ibogaine has had a 82% higher success rate than traditional rehab in treating addiction. Unfortunately Ibogaine is not legal in the United States. However, Treatment centers in Mexico, Brazil and New Zealand are regularly administering legal Ibogaine treatments. Ibogaine could be nature's cure for addiction
  • im sorry to hear about your 4 friends katie!

  • it is a psychedelic?

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