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Just curious how everyone feels about it


  • Meh. Trading one drug for another

  • Methadone can changes some people’s lives, people respond differently to different types of treatment
  • Yes @blownlobes89 is right! For one person this is a life saver and for another it's just another addiction. I don't know how a doctor would know who is a good candidate or not but it's not just a treatment to blow off. It's like the marijuana thing too which works for some and then tears down the next person.

  • I think marijuana is great for helping one curb addictions to more dangerous substances so I feel the same way towards methadone. I see why a lot of people think it's the easy way out and not really curing the addiction but I think if it's works and helps keep people safe then it's the lesser of two evils

  • I'm about the marijuana way. I'm not knocking people who take methadone or subs but I feel if you can go a more natural way like smoking marijuana then that's better.

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