How long do cravings last after I quit

Im a little over 30 sober from heroin and keep getting the urge to use. I stopped all by myself and don't do any type of aa or na. Does anyone here know how long I will feel this way? Any suggestions will be appreciated.


  • Look up your areas aa/na perfer na meetings an get yourself a sponsor im six months clean an still have cravings but am working the steps an have a amazing support group

  • urges are a real B! Can you tell if these are physical urges or more a mental thing? Both can be really strong and can be kicking on you at the same time.

  • I think its more mental, but the brain is a powerful thing. They sometimes stop me in. my tracks, and I will get chills like I'm dope sick or something. I don't know what to do...

  • ive heard recovery can be lifelong. i do think the urges will lessen overtime but in all likelihood you will feel cravings for a long, long time. not to depress or bring you down but see if you can find some other productive activity that you can do whenever you feel cravings (like cooking, hiking, biking up a mountain, yoga, etc..)

  • kudos on the self-detox thats amazing dude

  • The cravings do get better in time but they will always be there from time to time.. They never really go away.. Just gotta keep ya head up. Good luck and god bless!!
  • So what are you doing in order to fill the void that letting go of your addiction left?... When you began using drugs it was to fill some sort of void (negatively or positively) So naturally we must find something we are passionate about to take the place of our addiction, otherwise we are left longing for it to feel complete again. You cant just let go of something and not have something else to take its place. Have you picked up any hobbies or new interest? How about coping tools or physical activities? Friends and support?...
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    I couldn't agree with you more @katie.baughman Exercise and fitness is a great hobby for me! It just a win-win all the way around

  • if not exercise and fitness, then perhaps a creative outlet such as drawing, writing, or pottery

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