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Hi All.. its my 1st time here & boy do i have a story to tell. One day soon ill share it w/u in full but for now, can anyone help me take a small step forward? In brief, 14yrs ago, i was prescribed oxycontin & oxycodone (among others) in varying amts, for chronic pain due to a diagnosis of "fibromyalsia". Then after 10yrs of treatment, i lost my insurance. I could no longer afford my doc or the meds she'd been prescribing so i was left w/a raging addiction that i could no longer satisfy legally. What couldve been an opportunity to clean up my act, led me to the 'next best thing' instead.. herion. Ive been snorting H for over 4yrs just to escape the fear&pain of withdraw. Yes, ive avoided the needle, yet im up to $100 'bun' per day(11-13 bags). Upon waking today i find myself broke & ashamed and just so ready to stop all this shit. Since rehab is not an option, any advice u can offer on how i can safetly taper off to eventually quit for good is greatly appreciated


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    If you been on it that long I'm not sure how you would taper down safely???? I really don't think you can you need to frickin detox!!! You can get in to detox but your $100 "bun" daily has to change to $100 and "done" daily

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    Why is rehab not an option? Because you lost your insurance? I ask because in my experience this long of use and what sounds like a serious heroin dependence really does require medically assisted detox - not something you can do at home alone. I strongly suggest you seek professional treatment. Maybe chat with the people who manage this site and see if they can suggest anything. You really shouldn't try and do this alone.

  • I think you need professional help to safely get off the drugs. Detoxing is very serious and if you don't do this supervised it could end badly. Have you tried looking into getting on a new insurance plan??

  • Hi friend. Are you ok?

  • @KeepnSecrets how are you doing? Haven't heard from you and was wondering if you had thought about rehab?

  • In my circle of family and friends I have some people dealing with addiction of different kinds. It can be devastating and difficult to handle for everyone involved.

    The first huge step was getting them to want to go to rehab, but what then? In the states for some reason you seem to hit a massive wall. Prices for rehab centers are through the roof with 20k+ USD per month! If you are lucky to get a place in a funded rehab center you might need to wait 6 month to a year to start your rehab. What happens though in the meantime??!!

    In any case for my family we have found an option we never thought about. There are rehab centers overseas. This is mostly even better since the people are taken out of their usual environment.

    We've found a center called CRTC
    It operates on a fraction of the cost very successfully, and hey, it's Costa Rica.
    Flights can be had starting with 200USD round-trip. Thought I'd drop this here to present another option for many that are in need or people trying to help somebody else in need.

    The power is yours!

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