What does alcohol withdrawal feel like for you?

I'd like to hear from you guys about your experience with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Mentally, physically, emotionally - all of that is fair game to share. How long did your withdrawal symptoms last? Did you ever experience the symptoms reappearing after they had already left? Can you give us a timeline of your experience? Any advice for someone going through something similar?


  • To me it was an extreme feeling of anxiety and depression. I was really tired and would have bad mood swings and nightmares. I would also get clammy skin and would have a hard time sleeping. So, it was definitely a mixture of mental and physical pain.

  • Alcohol withdrawal wasn't too bad for me I quit drinking 20 years ago and I drank everyday for 10 years straight.... The hardest addiction for me was giving up my opiates... I suffer 40 Years of addiction I'm 2 years off my last addiction opiates.... I do live YouTube feeds on #Realtalkaddictions UTube....Look...like...share... subscribe.... And I will help you get clean sober I'll help you live in a nice quiet normal life... I've been in prisons rehabs everything I did every kind of drug in the world I drank I'm fully clean 2 years now and I got God on my side.
  • We can improve our digestion after alcohol withdrawal.

    Drinking too much can also cause fatty liver disease, inflammation of the liver and, over time, cirrhosis and liver failure. But we need to talk to our doctor if we want to take any medications or alcohol treatment. Some medicines interact with alcohol and few can increase the risk of liver damage through drinking.

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