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Was addicted to opioids Now drinking

Long story short, after being on opioids for 16 years(10 years active addiction) went to medical detox in January. About 3 months ago, feelings and memories, that I tried numbing, have come back full force. Yes, working on them, but the feelings are so intense that, for the past 2 months have been drinking more than I have since I was in my 20's.


  • Please be very very careful. Many people struggle with relapse, so you are not alone. And many individuals end up overdosing during a relapse because 1) they get a bad batch 2) their tolerances are still low. Please tread carefully!! It seems like you have not turned to opioids but just alcohol. Look into a support group or treatment for your mental health. I've heard that fighting cravings and triggers for drugs is a huge part of the battle and it all takes place after the detox. The detox isn't the entire recovery.. this is just the next phase of your battle. Best of luck to you and I urge you to seek support & help before it gets worse.

  • I agree with m.reynolds. Please be careful with the drinking, I would try to stay away from drinking as it might lead to something more, especially since you're going through the detox stage. Definitely look into a support group and try to find hobbies or more holistic methods that will help with your cravings - exercise, painting, reading, hiking etc.

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