Marijuna in Recovery

Hey everyone. I have 15 months clean from all the hard stuff and started smoking weed about 3 months into being sober from everything. My drug of choice that brought me to my knees was heroin. I went to AA and NA meetings but felt left out because i was able to just smoke weed and function like a normal person. I have not been to a meeting in about 9 months because I smoke weed and feel guilty going to meetings. My life has gotten drastically better though. I have had the same job for over a year and pay all my bill son time. I have my families trust again and life could not be better today. IS there anyone else out there that is able to effectively smoke Marijuana and stay away from the hard stuff? If not tell me why not either. Lets talk about this!


  • I've known people that smoke as the alternative and they seem to be doing fine and everything on track. You never know really whats going on behind closed doors but from the outside work and everything would look good. Me personally I just have to stay away from anything mind altering. I feel like while on a substance there is going to be a second me behavior wise and I just want to make the best decisions I can every state of mind I'm in so I can't handle going there.

  • Honestly its not for me, because I know I did Weed VERY alcoholically when I used to smoke, but Ive seen peoples lives get better from it. I think its just important to be honest with ourselves as to WHY we want to smoke week. And if its ok with you, then thats none of my biz

  • I agree, marijuana helps with cravings. I went cold turkey off of heroin and meth eight months ago and haven't touched either since. i have been told that I am just subsituting one addiction for another. I tell those people that might be the case but my marijuana addiction has yet to make me sell my soul for a blunt...

  • With being a recovering heroin addict I can't smoke weed. I try to avoid anything that could be a trigger for me. I usually keep myself away from bars and parties too. I know some people that have no issues with smoking weed during recovery.

  • @mykeymyke ain't that the truth!!!!!

  • I cannot connect with any type of higher power when I smoke pot I want to stop but I am weak and people in AA don't connect with me on this. I am coming up on 5 months sober but getting stronger without someone to talk to sucks I have been white knuckling it up till now and I have never worked the be steps. I am a quiet person and don't want trouble. (Help)

  • hmmm. interesting hearing everyone's feedback. I do not feel like I could smoke weed at first. Probably need a while away from everything to get my head right. I feel it would tempt me back to my drug of choice at first unless I had some time away from everything to learn priorities in my life.

  • i guess it is different from everybody, i feel like weed can trigger some but not others, so for everyone debating this in their mind, they need to be honest with themselves and self-assess whether or not smoking weed and getting high helps or hurts their addiction. but as a general rule i think most people who struggle w addictive tendencies should play it safe and avoid all temptations unless they truly know themselves well.

  • I know myself!!!!!!!!! It only took 40 years :neutral:

  • yeah i think it depends on the person, i was thinking this as well, if i go to AA but i smoke weed am i technically relapsed? im nervous to bring it up to my sponsor because i feel ashamed

  • Marijuana is so all over the place with opinions now there is no wrong answer there's just what you agree to do and what you set as your pass and fail. The sponsor should be able to help you figure out if you're a candidate to use it or if you're going back to bad habits unless you already decided it's a no. Best to use the sponsor to help with every damn thing and be open about it all. Once you start lying and not being open with your sponsor that opens the door in the back of your mind trying to figure ways to get you to use and not get caught like "Well shit if I got away with that one thing why can't I get away with a little more" @Ari_Z_1993

  • yeah ur right lol i need to be more proactive about setting my own pass/fail instead of hiding from my sponsor

  • If somethings working for you then who cares what anyone else thinks! I feel like there is this "cookie cutter" idea of what people think recovery is supposed to look like. It's aa or na, and absolutely no substances no matter what. I used to be one of those hard core aa members. I could quote the big book and found away to relate is to every facet of my life. The big book was my truth, and there was no changing that. Before I know it, I was telling people how their recovery should look... Before I new it, I was loaded. Have soooooo many friends that use MJ that are in recovery and their lives are tremendously better. Studies also show that medication assisted treatment is way more effective. Do you.

  • BMeister it is nice to hear your story, and your open mindedness is a breathe of fresh air. I agree that everyone's recovery process is different and intensely personal, and there's no 1 way to go about it. We're all moving towards the same goal in the end.

  • I personally couldn’t do it. I smoked after rehab and relapsed. Not saying I relapsed because I smoked but I feel like I just sit and chase a high.

  • I feel like we're the last people on earth that aren't smoking MJ LOL @lolitsalex

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