Maybe I'm an asshole?? Damn pink clouders

I think I'm a nice person and all and I try to be supportive and stuff but when somebody is riding the pink cloud hard that's SUPER annoying to me. I want to be like "tone it down a bit slim" but I don't want to step on their fake parade. I don't think that they talk about the pink cloud in sobriety communities enough so when that feeling ends and people get caught off-guard they turn to back to disaster. Fucking yo-yo recovery textbook initiated. I might be an asshole but I think a tiny bitch slap of reality is more helpful than hurtful. I especially think they need that slap when you hear them spilling all that "I'm having an epiphany, sober is great and easy" to family and close ones. Sorry to be a bit of a downer but after seeing this 1000 times I'm a bit ANNOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • wow i had never heard of the pink cloud till now lol

  • Ohh weird I thought it was very common? Should I try to explain that meaning for people as an addition to my original post??

  • Have you asked yourself why do you feel such resentment against pink clouders? I understand what you mean about tough love, and there's a lot of people who can handle a dose of reality but at the same time riding the pink cloud is almost an initiation rite, at least in my circle. Actually, as annoying as pink clouders are, I almost always see their comedown after a few weeks or month. The high is akin to a drug high where they crash or feel the harshness of reality eventually

  • nah it's cool @chris i googled it lol

  • @NClarke2017 I don't have resentment I just think people need to be more prepared for the ups and down and that first UPP is big so the down is pretty big too. I think it's a major reason why rehab failures are so high for the first timers trying to get clean. It's like a relapse bomb!

  • i have a relapse bomb at least once a week... i been trying to quit for about a yr but the only thing that relieve my craving is the drug... its all mental i know but idk how to curve the cravings any other way
  • People get their heavy dose of reality eventually, even the pink clouders

  • @sara.pitchford the mental game in the toughest one to beat :(
    Took me a while but it did happen for me

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