Family member maybe addicted to prescription medication

I have a family member who I believe might be addicted to his prescribed medicine. I know that my uncle is in a lot of pain from his intensive physical labor career. He worked construction. Anyways, I hear my aunt complain that he goes through the medication so fast. Is that normal? I think the doctor gave him a larger prescription in the beginning and that helped but then he started running out early, again. Is this a sign of prescription drug abuse?


  • I'm not super familiar with this terrain but do you know if his doctor plans to wean him off medication? I'm pretty sure doctors will be able to recognize if he is going through them too fast.. hopefully.

    I do think running out early repeatedly could be an early sign of prescription drug abuse ... but not necessarily a guarantee that your uncle is addicted.

  • Ya this appears to be super standard signs of him abusing his medication. Have you talked to him about it yet?

  • He shouldn't be going through his allowed monthly supply early if he was taking them as prescribed. Sounds like your uncle is abusing his pills. This is something your family should bring up to him before it gets worse.

  • What does your aunt think?

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