How do I know If I have an addiction problem?

I've been prescribed pain pills for a couple years now after a back injury at work. I feel like I take them as prescribed. I was talking to a friend and they asked if I liked the feeling I got when I took them. Which I do. Then they started asking about my drinking, which is few and far between. But, when I do drink, I defiantly drink to get drunk. My life is manageable, but since this was brought to my attention I can't stop second-guessing. Please!!!! Any advice would be helpful!


  • Do you feel sick if you don't take the pills?

  • Not sure, I haven't tried stopping. Is that something you would suggest? Im scared about the back pain.

  • i think warrensmitty was referring to if you experience withdrawals. i could be wrong.

    is there any way you can look into holistic treatments for pain management? it might ease your worries if you can split your time between holistic methods and pain pills. i personally dont think taking pain meds for chronic pain equals addiction 100% of the time. you did say you take them as prescribed, which is good and doesn't mean abuse.

    if you are concerned about relying too much on medication id look into holistic therapies for your back pain or discuss with your doctor

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