Finding Strength To Hold On

Hi. I stopped drinking, cold turkey recently. I haven't craved yet, but I know that it's coming! I really want change and I really want to be done with anything that would ha my body. It's been years that I've been battling. It was getting to the point where I would do it everyday. Trying to escape past pains and fears. It really doesn't help, though I thought it was. Just for the time that I was drinking until I got around a "sad mad or angry" drunk. It would turn my mood. Other than that, I was a party time drinker until it had gotten out of control. But I want to be done with it. And I'm trying to find an accountability partner.


  • The fact that you know its coming is good! You can stop it dead in its tracks. YOU are in control, not your addiction. Go find a meeting near you ASAP. They will defiantly have resources to get you a sponsor or accountability partner and those help immensely! Also, I don't know what your drink of choice was, but when I stopped drinking alcohol I missed the carbonation of beer so much. I started drinking sparkling water and it really helped. Good luck. You can do this <3

  • Congrats on the cold turkey detox. That's quite an accomplishment. Next step is finding a support group who you can rely on. I would start online!

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