Putting in the time and effort

I have been an addict for well over half my life, I been to countless institutions through out Minnesota, both treatment and prison.
I made a choice to get sober and live a clean and healthy lifestyle.
My thoughts are if we can put in all those hours and days we did searching for drugs and being high, then we should be able to put those same hours and and efforts into staying sober. And by that I mean going to meetings, reaching out for the help and support that is out there. Dedicating yourself to your sobriety.
Yes it's hard, and for some it's harder than others. Honestly there is no excuses, I tried every one of them. We must be willing to put the work into our sobriety and well-being as we did to seek that ugly lifestyle we were living.
So please remember this. Put them hours you spent searching for dope into searching for hope and success. It gets tough but keep pushing it will get better. I did it you can too.


  • Love your comparison about putting your energy obsessed with drugs and transforming it into energy focused on one's recovery. Very well-said!

  • Hi there.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    What advice would you give for someone who can't seem to find a good support group? They don't connect with their local AA group and there are no alternatives available. How do you keep up the resolve when you only have yourself to rely on?

  • @davey.eischens great insight! You can't ever give up trying to get clean because the addiction will never give up trying to kill you. You can't "win" that lifestyle it only has bad outcomes.

  • Awesome words of encouragement. Thank you.

  • it's true if we put all our energy into getting sober with the same intensity as one would trying to score more drugs, we will be successful. But the will to recover has to be there. Can't half-ass it when you fight addiction

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