I have been drinking since I was 15 and I am 55 now I drink in the morning I drink before work I am married I drink 2 30 packs a week it's been 2 week's since my last beer but I think about it all the time


  • Hi Clyde, I wanted to just say hi and tell you that you can quit, but you need to want to quit. I was drinking since I turned 14. I have been sober now for 4 years and all I can tell you is that it gets easier. If I could go back to the time when I stopped drinking I would have definitely talked to my doctor. I quit cold turkey and had DTs for 4 days. It was absolutely terrible. When you feel like you are ready to try quitting, I would personally suggest that you would talk to your doctor since he/she can help you with the withdrawals. When it comes to the mental side, you could try going to an AA meeting. Not sure if you've ever been there. You can go and just listen, you don't need to share if you don't want to.
    Anyway, I hope that you will find strength within you to stop since getting sober will be the best thing you'll ever do

  • Agree about seeing a doctor & the importance of a support group. Also @Saija78 4 years is great, congratulations.

  • It is a hard addiction to beat especially with the amount of time you've been drinking. You've gone two weeks now and that is amazing! Have you experienced any withdrawals? I watched a close family friend practically kill himself with his drinking. He was drinking vodka every morning before work and slamming beers once he was home. It got to the point where he was in so much pain he had to go to the hospital. They pumped over 3 liters of a yellow substance out of his stomach. Doctors said he was lucky to be alive. It has been 4 years since that has happened and he still hasn't touched a drink. He watched the sadness of his wife and his children and realized he had more to live for than being drunk. I hope you can continue on your sobriety and I do agree you should see your doctor.

  • Omg. 3 liters?! That is terrifying!!

  • Day at a time my friends ..this is a 3 fold killer ..body mental and most of all spiritual..
    My experience as with others is if we work on the spirit and gain strength thru the great spirit the body and mind will follow .The great spirit has saved my soul once again as it will for u also.. just seek and ask
    The fellowship of aa has helped me to find a plan for life with the help of finding like minded ppl that I call friends to guide me and help me to deal with my demons .
    Willingness with out action is fantasy..
    So always be willing to take action for change .
    Much love to all of you
  • Willingness with out action is fantasy

    I agree 100%

  • Congrats on the 2 weeks. How has your recovery been so far

  • Man that's a long time to hold on to the beer life! Totally couldn't have been drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon that whole time :/

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