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Finding healthier coping mechanisms

I have been doing method off and on since I was about 12. I have seen therapists psychiatrists and been in two Rehabs. I was clean for two years and I just recently started back. Im not at the point where there drug controls me but I don't want to get there. Right now I feel its helping me I'm actually getting up out of bed and being productive. But i need natural energy need to get through my depression without the use of drugs


  • What made you start back up?

  • Are you aware that all that will ware off and it will become a nightmare
  • your natural energy won't build up if you keep weakening it with substances!!!!

  • You will need to tough it out for the early on stages of quitting because your body and mind is dependent on it but once you are past that hump your energy levels will stabilize and become normal!

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