Is Drinking Non-Alcohol Beer Considered a Relapse?

Someone might of asked this question before. But any thoughts on the Non-Alcohol Beer?
A group of friends bought me some so I wouldn't be tempted to drink alcohol. Which btw helped me a lot as I was even worried that I would be tempted to drink their booze as well. But I just stuck with my non alcohol bud. The moment everyone got drunk I just went to bed. But any thoughts on it? Would you consider it relapse?


  • Im not 100% sure on this answer but i would think that the answer to your question is "No, this should not be considered relapse because the substance is "alcohol" and there was no alcohol in your beer. That being said though, you are playing with fire and its going to catch and you will relapse if you continue." My recommendation would be not to make this a habit but hey i got meth that im battling with so i aint no better than you. i cant stop using....
  • yeah thats playing with fire alright! It always starts with a little bit here and a little bit there before you find yourself suddenly in a full blown relapse

  • I don't think it is considered a relapse. Unless you find yourself thinking you can have a couple regular beers then you need to worry.

  • Thanks for responding guys. I guess someone on Facebook was saying it's like a relapse because there's a tiny bit of alcohol in it and if you drink enough you are thirsty for more... hence, addiction / addictive behavior. I feel like I avoided real alcohol so that was good. But the truth is I did wish I had the real thing. Playing with fire like you said.

  • playing with lava!

  • as long as you are taking steps toward the right direction (sobriety) then i dont see it as a problem, if the end result of being sober is the same!

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