Heroin withdrawal at home

Hey guys. I am currently supppppeerrrr dope sick and do not want to use any more. I am trying to do this cold turkey at home. I have crazy hot and cold sweats right now. I have not slept in almost 48 hours. My back and legs are killing me. I have read stuff all over the internet and nothing seems to be working for home remedies for heroin withdrawal. IF anyone out there has some suggestions pleasssseeeee help me. I feel like I am drying right now and I can't do this anymore. HELP!



  • Trying to detox from heroin at home can be super dangerous. If I were you I'd see about getting into a rehab or hospital to detox in. I was put in a detox program before going to jail.

  • Ya i have no means to get into treatment right now. I have to do this at my apartment man. Any ideas of what I can get at the store or anything to make me feel a little better?

  • @break How much were you using before?
    Did you try and taper at all?
    Are you going from an insane amount to nothing at all?
    That's just a tiny bit of the things you have to know about! detox is no joke

  • I did not taper at all. Yes cold turkey bro.

  • it can be dangerous to go cold turkey, how are you feeling today?

  • Still feel terrible. going on Day three. anyone have any suggestions?!?!?!

  • i looked it up online and it looks like it takes just a few more days for detoxing, especially if you were a heavy user. however KUDOS TO YOU for your day 3, you are amazing!!

    i think if you can push through the worst, you will find it getting more manageable soon, so just HOLD OUT! <3

    you got this!

  • I was a heavy user and withdraw at home take hot baths for the pain you will get through this I have 30 days clean today

  • @tammy1414 congrats! Did you get real sick like @break is saying? I've never had physical withdrawal symptoms myself

  • @break was thinking about ya this weekend, hope you give us an update soon on how youve been doing.

  • Im not sure if you still detoxing, but for me in the past when I was detoxing.... imodium ad helps ease ur stomach, warm baths help with your muscles I would just sit in the bath and turn the water on and off. Also the temperature change from hot to cold makes the skin crawling feeling slightly better or at least for lil bit.... Otherwise there is nothing that can help besides sticking it out, normally day 2-4 are the worst if you can push threw it, you will be fine.

    Good luck hope you get threw this and stay clean.

  • smart about the imodium for the gasto issues

  • Try cal mag it’s calcium and magnesium yes the Imodium will also help. Then try baths like the others have suggested. Sleep try melatonin that might help. If not try to use some like sleepy benedryll (can’t spell) that’s what I did..Congrats on three days that’s awesome it’s not easy keep it going and keep us updated.

  • I know it’s not going to be easy but working out and sweating it helps amazingly I know motivation is hard o layed up for weeks no energy but now working out it helps so much it gives you energy and you get to wake up and think about the gym having something else to look forward to and just think about helps so ALOT

  • It's hard to go thru without Suboxone, but what I did to take the edge off was drank lots of vodka and smoked lots of weed...some my scoff at this advise, but it worked for me, AND I wasn't doing heroin. Any route you choose, be sure to drink plenty of water. Grape juice is also a good antioxidant that is fairly cheap...I have never been one to get much out of the 12 step programs. Always had better success on my own DESPITE what others say. But one thing I'm sure everyone will agree on is this... If you manage to get clean and want to stay clean, you have to cut ties with everybody that you used with... Everyone... GOOD LUCK!

  • agree about leaving your circles of friends who still may use. it's too much of an influence and temptation. as for antioxidants it's true, make sure you are getting in proper nutrition. orange juice is a great source of vitamin c BUT the caveat is, the acidity may be harsh on your stomach if it's empty so make sure you eat carbs too

  • @lindsey.marie I couldn't think of better advice! I love the gym it helps in more ways than people think

  • if you arent a gym rat (like me lol) then even taking a brisk walk at your nearest park trail is quite fun :) just make sure you are being safe and not wandering around in the dark at odd hours (lol)

    i use the app AllTrails to look up nice & SAFE trails for me to walk

    and if you have a dog, bring em along :)

  • There's an app for everything :open_mouth:

  • I I've been using heroin on + off and the sickness is just horrible. I don't know why I continue to use but it's not very often but when I do I get pretty messed up and it's sucks.
  • Hope your feeling better now..
  • Thats super scary @kat

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