Heroin Addict now using meth and whatever else??

My husband and I are raising her 13 year old daughter, whom we love with all our hearts. We have had her since she was a baby. We have been in and out of court to give Liz so many chances to get things right, but it never worked. I have tried in my opion ...everything and she still chooses to do what she is doing! Just got out of jail and had a place at a great rehab, then went to do drugs and they wouldn't accept her so, now she's out there again....same SAD STORY! She talked so good when she was in jail, seemed to really want this to work this time, she is 37, and also has a little boy who's with his Dad. That should make her want to get clean and stay clean!!! Why isn't it enough, why aren't her kids enough, what will it take? She has hit rock bottom as we know it toooo many times, even had brain surgery because of being beat! But she's out there again! Same choices just another day for her, just lucky she is alive. I was able to relax when she was in jail, because I knew she was OK. Does anyone have any words that may help her. I am at a loss...she has consumed my thoughts for all these years and it does not good for anyone!! My son now feels like he should be her savior and that worries me. Because I finally feel that until she wants it bad enough, there is absolutely nothing anyone can do, right??


  • First off - it is very admirable that you are caring for her child, they are certainly fortunate to have you and your husband in their lives! Second, it can be difficult to make an addict see reason.. The best you can do is make sure the children are the priority in the mean time. I wish we could go into an addict's mind and simply make them realize their habits are destructive and make them heal but we can't. She has to want it herself. In the mean time, the best you can do is be there for the family members who are currently in your life, like the children. <3

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