Not sure how to post

Hi my name is Sue I'm a 61 yrs of living life
I'm not sure how to do this forum thing. I know old school weren't into this. I'm Sure it's simple so could any one clue me in like how do I like add coments or post under topics
This here is the first time I saw were and how any way get me headed in the right direction and here I am



  • Hey Sue. Welcome to the forum!! You did a great job for your first post, and even posted in the correct category, so you are on the right track. :) To comment on other people's posts, click on their subject line and it will bring you to that particular post's discussion. There should be a text box at the bottom of the page that says "Leave a Comment".. which is what I am doing now!

    I hope that helps!

  • Ty I'm hoping that I get this forum thing figured out. It helps to know I'm.on the right track so Ty
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