What does alcohol withdrawal feel like for you?

I'd like to hear from you guys about your experience with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Mentally, physically, emotionally - all of that is fair game to share. How long did your withdrawal symptoms last? Did you ever experience the symptoms reappearing after they had already left? Can you give us a timeline of your experience? Any advice for someone going through something similar?


  • To me it was an extreme feeling of anxiety and depression. I was really tired and would have bad mood swings and nightmares. I would also get clammy skin and would have a hard time sleeping. So, it was definitely a mixture of mental and physical pain.

  • Alcohol withdrawal wasn't too bad for me I quit drinking 20 years ago and I drank everyday for 10 years straight.... The hardest addiction for me was giving up my opiates... I suffer 40 Years of addiction I'm 2 years off my last addiction opiates.... I do live YouTube feeds on #Realtalkaddictions UTube....Look...like...share... subscribe.... And I will help you get clean sober I'll help you live in a nice quiet normal life... I've been in prisons rehabs everything I did every kind of drug in the world I drank I'm fully clean 2 years now and I got God on my side.
  • We can improve our digestion after alcohol withdrawal.

    Drinking too much can also cause fatty liver disease, inflammation of the liver and, over time, cirrhosis and liver failure. But we need to talk to our doctor if we want to take any medications or alcohol treatment. Some medicines interact with alcohol and few can increase the risk of liver damage through drinking.

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  • А соехіstіng соndіtіоn саn арреаr іn mаnу dіffеrеnt соmbіnаtіоns, suсh аs аn еаtіng dіsоrdеr аlоngsіdе а substаnсе аbusе рrоblеm. Аn іndіvіduаl suffеrіng frоm dерrеssіоn соuld аlsо bе strugglіng wіth alcoholism. Со-оссurrіng dіsоrdеrs аrе соmрlех аnd thеіr dіаgnоsіs аnd trеаtmеnt mау оftеn bе сhаllеngіng.

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  • Hi, I am new here. After years of alcohol use, moderate to heavy, I am quitting. I am eight days into detox. I did it at home with my wife with me and phone supervision from my brother in law who is a retired RN. I would describe my experience so far, as having moderate symptoms. My blood pressure was higher but didn’t spike like some people relate. I work out on treadmill every day, and except for a couple of days, I have kept on it (lighter workouts). Probably the worst of it was sleeping. My skin itched like crazy, particularly intense starting the second and third days, making sleeping difficult. I would sleep three or four hours at a time, before waking and going to the bathroom. My muscles ached, my upper and lower back. On the fifth night, I finally slept well, woke up feeling like a window had been opened. I am still experiencing symptoms, but I am eating better and keeping a schedule for when I eat. It has not been easy, but this is my first step and the best thing I have ever done for myself.

  • First and foremost I want to thank fightaddictionnow.org for the information-provided, collected stories and resources. I am 59 year old female, drank bottle of wine a night for 7 years, my health is fragile as I have battled cancer, my treatment so severe it has left me with neuropathy and severe bone pain from chemo...never ever again. I am also giving you this info because I am in pain management and while going through alcohol withdrawal I was still taking hydrocodone 4 pills per day and a fentanyl patch 50 mg every 48 hours. Complete transparency i think is the only way here. I can’t say that those meds helped or didn’t help....I have now way to compute that for you. I also had a prescription for vomiting due to migraines... promethazine.

    My journey started in the end of October/I cut my alcohol by 1 glass a night and this went on for few weeks ...cut down to 2 glasses per night....but drank 2 big glasses every night until December 13, 2019. That night I decided to go back to the mega bottle. The next day I felt horrible and I had a stomach virus....therefore the taper down again was going to work because I was unable to keep anything down....forced detox.

    I have seen the man on here that posts how to detox slowly and everyone should consider that. My story is like yours...I looked everywhere for REAL INFORMATION and forced detox.
    DECEMBER 13th-Friday....drank my whole bottle of wine instead of my 2 glasses..DUMB A$$
    DECEMBER 14th-Saturday at my usual cocktail hour passed by me lying in bed sick already from flu my body started with small sweats that early evening.
    DECEMBER 15th-Sunday midnight on- I will never be able to described how awful a night I had....the chills sweating gagging diarrhea was so bad I honestly didn’t think I would survive. I had my husband here and he changed me out of wet clothes wet sheets wet blankets and I went through clean sheets daily if not 2 twice daily. I used anti diarrhea meds, and promethazine for vomiting drank Gatorade by the bucket loads. Sleep maybe 2 hours. 8 hours of sweating heavily that night scared me almost to going to ER. No tremors EVER...BRUTAL DAY
    DECEMBER 16th-Monday same as Sunday no change another really bad day.
    DECEMBER 17th-Tuesday came nausea and diarrhea slowed some. Eat for the first time plain steamed white rice doused with chicken broth.....stayed with me virus gone...but THE detoxing NO...sweating comes in long waves lasting a long time...maybe an 1 hour of sweating and then a reprieve for few hours...This day I changed my patch...I have no idea if it helped the severity but....I was sweating like a boxer working out in a sauna. Ya get me?
    DECEMBER 18th-Wednesday I had to go to my pain management doctor that day and I thought I was going to die. He thought I had the flu and got me outta there. Came home got in bed sweats were less during the day...but the evening was bad but no where near like my other evenings....but the sweats went on all night. Sweating when I would get sleep was heavier during those periods...I don’t no why...but it was.....lots of wet sheets wet clothes
    DECEMBER 19th-Thursday dawned and I hadn’t eaten in days again. Needed to remedy that...the but vomiting and diarrhea gone...I gagged a lot...I made the attempt to eat while drinking tons of water and Gatorade. iThe sweats were still clothes soaking and sheet soaking at times definitely.... but fewer and farther between...THANK GOD. I forgot to add i changed patch today.
    DECEMBER 20th-Friday I was surprised I kind of reverted Friday to a harder day and that was physically and mentally frustrating. I thought I would be walking forward and it didn’t seem that way.
    I was emotional Friday crying...argumentative...needy...the rainbow....thanks hubby.
    DECEMBER 21st-Saturday I only got 2 hours of sleep frustrated with all the symptoms. That day I filled my meds including XANAX 1mg...HERE IS where my story ends...I took 1/2 Xanax 3 times that day and my symptoms edge to a 10 second flushing/sweating about 4 times that day. I have no idea if at this point If I was out of the woods and Xanax didn’t make that big of a difference I don’t know for sure but I think I could have done it without AT THAT POINT. I had no Xanax before I started this as we have 2 homes in different parts of the country and had traveled there and accidentally left it and FOR DAMN SURE I WISHED I HAD IT.

    Again I want to point out the reduction in drinking methods on this page should be considered..OR the thing I wished I had done the most, was admit this to my doctor and get necessary meds....but my doctor is a judge mental person and I was afraid I would be labeled an addict..which i am. .SHOULD HAVE PUT MYBIG GIRL PANTIES ON...and asked. With that said I am here and what I can tell you is after suffering through the withdrawals I WILL NEVER EVER GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN...I am done and have been blessed with continuing nausea. I want to say I have never tried to quit before and I am praying I won’t go back...the experience was so awful. I have my sober coach(aka husband) we are retired and spend every moment together anyway.....so I am sure he will keep me on the start and narrow.

    I would suggest having extra sheets, bed pads, facial towels or wash cloth to constantly drying yourself from sweat. Plenty of pajamas...I ditched long pants and sleeves..because I could always cover up... when my temp would spike...I felt suffocated with anything covering me and I had to get out...only covering once I felt chilled...I dried myself off and covered up again. they are like a panic attack and kind of washed over me at this point. Please don’t do this alone...I teetered on a dangerous edge...a clear thinking educated adult must be there at the least. Don’t lie to anyone about what you are doing..He .I mean family or helper. I know that people have suggested to the man with the tapering chart that alcoholics can’t do that...I agree some cant some can...just take the first step. I got pushed over the cliff by the flu. DO IT BEFORE IT BECOMES AN EMERGENCY AND YOU HAVE NO CONTROL. So it is day 7/8 and I feel like I won’t die.....yippee. I don’t know how people do this when they have to work it must be very difficult to manage days off to accomplish detox as I said I am retired and not owing anybody an explain allowed a under the Radar detox. To repeat my stats...bottle of wine a night..7 years...59 female with questionable health. I NEVER HAD tTREMORS OR ANY TYPE OF MENTAL DISTURBANCE.

    I was never an addict until 7 years ago and lost 3 people in my life...one being the person that sexually abused me and the secrets came flooding back... So I hope beyond hope this is my one and only detox. I love this forum and would love to know how many of us turn to drugs or alcohol from PTSD from abuse...that’s another issue and forum. As you can see this is very new...I will update once weekly. I want to thank everyone that posted before me...it saved me.

  • It is 1/1/2020 I quit on 12/13/2019 and I thought I would check in. I have not had any cravings or desire for alcohol....all I can do it pray it stays this way. I have been totally symptom free from withdrawals in the last couple of days. The first 1 1/2 weeks were tough then things eased up. Hope you can take next step for yourself. I am willing to be a support to anyone that needs it.

  • Being drunk is the first sign that the alcohol you’re drinking is having an effect on your body. Commonly a person will start to feel drunk after consuming 2 to 3 alcoholic drinks. This alcoholism begins when alcohol gets in the body’s bloodstream and starts to change the functions of the brain and body then they appear more chatty and more self-confident and they are more likely to take risks, and their motor responses are slowed. But if you drink alcohol occasionally then it will not affect your body but if you used to with alcohol then for this, you have to go drug rehab center.

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