Addicted to prescription medication

Hi all! I’m new to this site and wanted to join so I can try and get the help I need when I’m not able to go to a meeting. If anyone is interested in getting this thread going, that’d be great! I’m really looking forward to hearing some stories and I’m open to all advice and help. Thanks!


  • Good for you for seeking a support group. A lot of people aren't able to attend AA because of reasons like proximity to classes etc but I personally feel like online forums can still be effective.

    What's your story?

    I am about 2 weeks sober from my last binge and have not touched anything since then. I check the forums daily especially when I am feeling particularly lonely lol. It helps when I realize how many people have the same thoughts and cravings as I do but we all help each other fight our demons.

  • Hi @dana.zehr-shields welcome to the forum. Luckily for me I was never really introduced to scripts. I feel like its only been the last 10 years or so that it's turned in to a huge thing. There's always been prescription abuse but before the last decade you'd never consider those drugs the "good shit". Now what you get from the doctor is more powerful and dangerous than 90% of the stuff you get from a street dealer. Hell the street dealers had to start selling meds

  • hi there dana! my story: i know people say you cant be addicted to weed but i feel like it's totally changed my personality, i used to be this bubbly and hyperactive person (my nickname was energizer bunny in college lol) but ever since i graduated college i had difficulty finding a job and fell into this slump. the pit got deeper and deeper as i saw all my friends get jobs and going on interviews w fantastic companies.

    plus even my friends who are a grade below me have graduated by now & joined the workforce and it's hard to motivate myself when it seems like everyone else has this perfect success story. anyhow, my main vice was alcohol but i'm mostly recovered from that thanks to AA and my sponsor sent from heaven lol (seriously my sponsor is amazing for putting up w all my BS lol). officially now my only "addiction" right now is marijuana and i'm trying to quit smoking because i really do think it's hindered my progress looking for a career and just trying to enter that next stage of my life

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