I'm tired of making empty promises.

I just seem to be making so many promises lately and just hurting my live-in girlfriend so much. I can go for a couple of days without drinking. But come the weekend, as soon as I have one, I can't seem to stop. I drink mostly beer but too many of them. I tell her that I am going through some issues with my family, but she is starting to believe that I just love beer. I am trying to stop if not slow down. Any ideas?


  • When you're going through family issues I get how it's easier to pick up the bottle to cope. Have you thought about attending any AA meetings? If you don't drink do you have any type of withdrawals?

  • It sounds like you have issues in controlling yourself once you start on 1 drink.. Do you think you can look inside yourself and decide why you want to drink so much and why you can't stop? Are you trying to escape some feeling? Is it boredom? or depression? Evaluate your reasons for WHY you like drinking so much and that can be the first step towards making a serious change. Because whatever the problem is that you are trying to address... it surely cannot be solved via binge drinking.

  • Yea, get help! LISTEN to what your gf is saying. If she is saying she's hurt then SHE IS. If you can't stop drinking OR if you are drinking to mask feelings then you already have a problem. You won't be able to stop on your own. Find an AA group in your area and get on the recovery path ASAP. It's going to be that or continue to not only hurt yourself (binge drinking is super hard on the body), but those you love too. You can do this! I bet your girlfriend would love to support you.

  • Hey @marco67! Fight addiction now can help you my friend! Give them a call at 833-811-1505! They’re super cool and will help you get on the path to quit drinking!
  • HI Marco!! Hope you are well now. But if still found some issue then why can’t approach any addiction rehab center near you where you get to know the practical approach of how to stop drinking alcohol.

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