Am I considered an alcoholic?

So I've been told I drink too much, which I don't think I do. I don't get crazy with my drinking but I do enjoy having a couple glasses of wine every night after work. I don't get black out drunk. I just find that it relaxes me and takes the edge off after a work day. I'm not seeing a problem with this especially since I keep it controlled. Does anyone else do this?


  • This sounds like me, although it can range from wine to whiskey. I've got enough stress at work so when I come home, a couple glasses helps me relax, but I've noticed that it's been an every day thing for me. Even on the weekends I go out and drink with my friends because why not? Not much else to do around here. IDK.

  • It's definitely not good for your body to drink that much. You are causing daily damage to your liver, kidneys and brain. While it does not seem that your intake is very high that can easily get out of control. First it's a "couple" to unwind, then its 3, 5 and so on. Alcohol is also a depressant, so you may be stuck in the cycle of feeling like your job causes you stress, but you may just be down from the drinking the night before. You just start the cycle over again and again. Maybe try quitting for a couple of weeks and seeing how you feel. Your outlook on everything might improve and you don't even need the wine to "unwind" at night.

  • I don't drink at all. I have learned to deal with stress by going to the gym. That honestly eases my stress like no other. IF that doesn't work I pick up my camera and start to get creative. Alcohol with me focuses on negativity and makes it worse.

  • do you know why your friends say you drink too much? like what is their reasoning behind it? maybe your personality changes when you drink, and your friends are concerned. im trying to think of why they would say that, even if you personally think you are under control.

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    Yea I understand how its probably not good for my body but I'm not drinking in excess. Usually when the weekend hits I don't even drink anything. I guess @tatiana.anderson I could add some gym time after work. I just enjoy my wine.

    @Ari_Z_1993 I think they just are concerned that It's an every night thing?

  • Hard to say if you are addicted or not, I think it is telling that on the weekends you don't even touch the stuff, it sounds like you are under control?

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    @cassie.mcginess do you need it? do you have problems giving it up? Those are the questions I would ask myself. Gym is just one of many outlets. some people take up art classes or photography or music. Coming from someone who doesn't drink....alcohol is matter where you and paint, bars, grocery stores, outdoor events. I think maybe try a alcohol free cleanse. maybe go a month without and see how your body and mind react.

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    @NClarke2017 there are the occasional weekends if I go out or maybe at a family function that I drink but yea mostly during the week. @tatiana.anderson I don't feel that I need it, it's more of I enjoy it. I guess there are some nights that turn into a bottle rather than a couple glasses.

  • It's really hard to say!! you are addicted or not , But I would say there are many other ways to feel relaxed, drinking is not the only solution for this. Like me when I feel depressed, either I went to some lonely place for few hours or love to spend time with my family and sometimes I do my favorite activities .

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