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  • I did not know some rehabs did not accept people with certain med conditions...

    also congrats on 8 months clean!!

  • Yep too much of a liability I guess. Thats ok though. Prolly would a been a waste of money anyway
  • lol damn. it's pretty inspiring you did this all on your own tho. kudos to you.

  • @Chris thanks yeah Its good to hear from people that have done it. Thats why I tried to get help. I thought I was destin to fail if I couldn't find help. But I think I can beat it now. Just hope it last.
  • Well @Chris im still sober. I tried meetings again same thing. I just can't do it. I've never been hugged by so many men in my life. Lol I just been going to church and keep doing what I'm doing seems to be working. Stopped going to counseling too. That wasn't helping anything. If anything it was giving me more problems. Lol.. Well I found out the other day that my pastor actually didnt get caught robbing banks. After he shot 2 armed guards and got away, later he turned himself in. Pretty amazing I think. He's such a great guy I can't even imagine him doing that. He's been saved 31 years now and is running two halfway houses helping people getting out of prison and off drugs. The sheriff actually came and preached last Wednesday. That was pretty cool. Sheriff and convicts.
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    @carlos.ladner Wow that's amazing! Yeah by the grace of god is the only way he's not in jail for life DAMN
    That good you found a way to make it work. I had to do everything on my own after I visited with victims. If I didn't meet them I don't think i would've been able to kick it by myself. Gotta stay motivated for life bro B)

  • Wow, that really is an amazing story.

  • Hi everyone first time here
  • Good evening how is everyone
  • Really is a Nice story.

  • Although willpower has an important role to play in the treatment of any disease, no serious illness can be overcome by it alone. Diabetes or cancer cannot be beaten by just mentally resisting their progress. Similarly, addiction can also not be treated without seeking help. Over time, addiction creates some changes in the structure of the brain which makes it difficult to overcome, that is why getting help from medical professionals who can structure treatment plans accordingly is extremely important.

  • It stands to reason that if you quit your drug of choice but continue with your same routine, hanging around the same people and places, and not making any changes in your circumstances, that it will be much easier to slip back into your old behaviors and habits. Adjusting your mindset after addiction isn’t easy and it feels good when you stay sober in your life.

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