Chronic Cocaine and Alcohol addiction. Help!

I have been an alcoholic for 20 years and a Cocaine addict for about 15. I cant stay cleanof Coke for longer than 10 days without injecting it again. It becomes more destructive each time. Any thoughts on a new approach to recovery? Tried Rehab, Detox, Therapy , Steps.... Need a fresh view..


  • People who struggle with cocaine abuse may mix the drug with alcohol to reduce cocaine’s negative effects, like anxiety or twitching, by adding a depressant. In some cases, mixing cocaine and alcohol occurs because of a social situation. In some instances, a person who drinks too much may take cocaine to increase their physical energy. There are many reasons people may mix these drugs together, but it can be very dangerous to do so. Both alcohol and cocaine increase impulsive and risky behavior, decrease the ability to make judgments, and reduce cognitive function. Alcohol also increases the likelihood of memory problems, so a person may not remember risky behaviors they engaged in the night before.

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