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In my circle of family and friends I have some people dealing with addiction of different kinds. It can be devastating and difficult to handle for everyone involved. The first huge step was getting them to want to go to rehab, but what then? In the states for some reason you seem to hit a massive wall. Prices for rehab centers are through the roof with 20k+ USD per month! If you are lucky to get a place in a funded rehab center you might need to wait 6 month to a year to start your rehab. What happens though in the meantime??!! In any case for my family we have found an option we never thought about. There are rehab centers overseas. This is mostly even better since the people are taken out of their usual environment. We've found a center called CRTC costaricatreatmentcenter.com It operates on a fraction of the cost very successfully, and hey, it's Costa Rica. Flights can be had starting with 200USD round-trip. Thought I'd drop this here to present another option for many that a


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